Friday, May 09, 2014

Quark/ A 1970s Quarterly of Speculative Fiction

In 1970/1 four issues only of this paperback 'review' were published in New York edited by Samuel R. Delany and Marilyn Hacker. It billed itself as "a new quarterly of speculative literature and graphics... the editors have tried to display the finest work of both new and established authors, whatever its imaginative substance, structure and texture." It was closely linked with the New Wave of SF but I have written a little about that previously I discover by searching my own blog. I have had a tatty copy of Quark/1 for years and never come across any others. Always in the back of my mind I fancied having the whole set but never quite got around to organising that. Then I came across a set for sale at an unusually reasonable price, all four at once, so I bought them and they arrived today looking like they've never been read. They are fast becoming my new favourite thing. The excitement of being young and creative in the 70s just zings off every page.

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