Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Callum James Books Photographic Catalogues

The latest photographic catalogue of European scouting photographs was the third photography catalogues Callum James Books has issued. They have proved very popular and two of the three catalogues are now sold out. The pdf files remain online but all the photographs have found new homes. There are still some photos from the Authors and Others catalogue available. The success of the latest one was perhaps a felicitous thing as it marked an anniversary I completely forgot to mark, on the 26th of this month this blog has been going for nine years: hardly seems possible. But I'm always very gratified when I think of the number of very lovely people that this blog has brought to me from around the world who share some of my more obscure and niche interests.

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J said...

The oldest of your Corvo items in my collection seems to be the pamphlet "Rolfe after Oscott: two letters," which was issued in 2005--which would mean that I have been here more or less from the beginning. You've also helped me add to my Dennis Wheatley and Hugh Lamb collections. So, happy anniversary!

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