Friday, May 02, 2014

Alfred Monto-Saldo and Maxalding for Health and Muscles

I have been enjoying myself today cataloguing a number of physical culture, bodybuilding and health magazines from the 1930s. This one is an advertising brochure for the slightly disgustingly names Maxalding System by the preposterously named Alfred Monto-Saldo (actually A. M. Woolaston). His system, it seems will build your muscles, prevent headaches, end constipation and make you fit. He offers up as proof, his 21 year old sone Courtlandt Saldo who, according to the blurb began Maxalding at 16 and 5'3" and is now this fine strapping 6' young man. Another photo inside also features Courlandt, presumably at 18 doing that bizarre and slightly horrific thing that bodybuilders can do with their tummies.
If you fancy looking like young Mr Saldo yourself then many of the exercises and other information is reproduced on this wonderful present day website.

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