Saturday, April 05, 2014

More Vintage Photos

Sometimes, no matter what you are looking for on Ebay, if a search throws up something you are interested in at a reasonable price, it can be worth clicking through to see the rest of that seller's items in case they have other similar items. This is what happened here. I fell in love with the uber-camp young man in this New York bedroom in the 40s with his cigarette holder, and his bourbon so I flicked through the rest of the sellers vintage photos and found two very different but equally appealing ones to spread the postage cost over.
The next photo below is reasonably modern but has a wonderful arty feel to it I think. The crease down the middle make it look like he has a vicious scar. He doesn't, but someone is very proud of his tummy because on the verso is written simply, "Adams Abs". And then the bottom photo... well, who couldn't be charmed by such a geeky yet happy-looking polaroid-zombie!

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