Thursday, April 10, 2014

Angus McBean: A Personal Photo Album

In an amazing auction sale back in April of last year, Bury St Edmunds auction house Lacy Scott & Knight sold a collection on photo albums by legendary photographer of the mid-twentieth century, Angus McBean. Whereas you and I might once have received our snaps back from the chemist and stuck them willy-nilly into a photo album, as you might imagine, the personal albums of such a luminary of the photographic world are a little different. McBean prints his own photos, of course, to much larger sizes then usual and he is able to use the technology available to him as a professional to enlarge his own photos and add titles to create photographic covers for the albums as well.

Just how different from your average Joe these albums were is now amply demonstrated as one of them appears in the latest catalogue from art dealers Abbot and Holder Ltd and they have had the whole album put online as a digital book you can flick through (well worth clicking on 'full screen' too). The album is a record of a trip through Italy with friends in a VW Camper Van in 1958 - with a fair bit of vintage swimwear interest as well!


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