Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Brilliant Book!

Kudos to R today for finding this wonder and knowing that he should bring it home. Initially it looks interesting enough: a public school story in full early twentieth century chummy gear. And of course, simply from the point of view of our interest in vintage swimwear this is interesting enough. But open it up and ta dah! Book box! and who doesn't love one of those? But it gets even better as the constructor of this little gem has decorated the inside of the box with chapter headings.. all of which register pretty high on the innuendo scale... "'Arold Reveals a Secret", "A Fettered Slave", "The Cock House Rebellion", "A Midnight Disturbance". And, in wonderfully cryptic mood, the creator of this box has also clipped just one quote from the book, a piece of direct speech: "No, you chaps, men love cause their deeds are evil".


Jason Mihalko said...

What a great find! Love coming across an interesting book that is filled with something even more interesting.

DA said...

Worthy of Orton and Halliwell!

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