Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vintage Swimwear Madness

One of the places I fuel my habit in vintage swimwear photos is Ebay. It's an interesting market place where the normal rules about what something is worth don't seem to apply. Every six months or so a couple of people turn up who have more money than sense and suddenly the auctions end at silly money, like the charming photo above that sailed away at the weekend for nearly 140 GBP. You could buy a decent sized print by a professional photographer for that kind of money and yet, here someone is shelling out for the amateur, the candid and the ephemeral. These collectors with huge money to spend are fickle, they come and go... there is always plenty of vintage photo goodness... and vintage swimwear goodness to be seen on Ebay but if you find yourself outbid by hundreds of pounds you just have to shrug and accept that there are people with odd priorities in this world!

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J said...

It's a wonderful photo, especially where some of the guys' hands are placed! (I've found, with eBay, that many many things come around again, and it's often best to wait when the bidding gets too high. Next time around, you might pick it up for a song--though that's not true of one-of-a-kind items like this...)

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