Thursday, January 09, 2014

Albert Wainwright Extends at the Hepworth Gallery

I keep hearing good things about the Hepworth Gallery's current exhibition in Wakefield of work from their large collection by Albert Wainwright. And they must think it's been going well too because they have now extended it by a couple of months to the middle of May. They have also posted this brilliant introductory video with a really good commentary by Holly Grange about Wainwright and his work that also shows off some of the artwork from the exhibition.

The eagle-eyed among you may notice that the sketchbooks we published last year that chronicle Wainwright's relationship with a young man called Otto are among the items on display. It's lovely to see them there. People who have visited tell me that it's really a very good insight into the man and his art and, as Ms Grange points out, he really does deserve more of a following than he currently enjoys.

(If you have already bought and enjoyed the Wainwright book from Amazon, and I can only assume that some of the people who have bought it must read this blog... could I impose on you for a favour. It is very difficult for such a small publisher with such a niche book to generate much by way of Amazon reviews but if any of you felt able to offer a short paragraph on the Amazon page for the book that would be much appreciated.)

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame the Hepworth Gallery aren't selling the book in their shop. I was sure they'd have some sort of publication on Wainwright for sale, and was very keen to buy such after seeing the exhibition, but all they had was a few postcards and prints.

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