Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Corvine Pilgrimage Photos

Well, I'm back from a week of Corvine celebrations. Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@callumJBooks) will already have seen some of these photographs of my Corvine mini-pilgrimage just completed: they start with a white clad Gwernvale in South Wales where Rolfe ingratiated himself into the life of the Pirie-Gordon family for a while, through some pictures of St Winefride's Well in Holywell, North Wales, where Rolfe caused chaos in the catholic community, down to photos of the old workhouse in Holywell which was the place of Rolfe's final abode in the town.
All of this was on the back of attendance at the third Corvine Banquet of all time, held at the Durrant's Hotel in London over a seven course meal in the presence of some of the greatest Corvines in the world. It was a sumptuous evening full of ceremony, great food and wine and great conversation. The first two Corvine Banquets were held in the 1920s, funded by Maundy Gregory in his Ambassador's Club: it is an honour to stand in line with the great names of Corvine history who were in attendance on those occasions and it was an honour too to become a life member of the Corvine Society by attendance at the dinner.

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