Sunday, October 06, 2013

Vintage Photo to say "I'm Back"


I'm back from a glorious week in the Scottish Borders. I shall be looking into my email inbox with some trepidation later and getting back into the swing of things blog-wise... more later I hope... for now, a gentle reintroduction by sharing this photo which arrived in my absence: described on the back as "my mountain boys" but with no indication of where the mountain was, possibly from Germany or central Europe.


Anonymous said...

The plant on the left looks like a cactus, and the boys are wearing jeans, so I would guess the U.S. Southwest during the 30's (dust bowel era).

J said...

Welcome back!

Self-effacing ghost said...

Yes, welcome back. Glad your time away was good.

Elin said...

Lovely to have you back, Callum :) Glad you had a nice break. Boys on mountain are delightful.

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