Monday, October 21, 2013

Vintage photo: Milos's Throne at Knossos

This photo is from a lot which appear to all be by the same young photographer (pictured) who was on a tour of Southern Europe, possibly under the auspices of a photography club. The photos all appear to be self-developed and he appears himself in a small number of them but this one I like best, for the hubris really. It is titled on the back, "Myself on Milos's throne at Knossos" - I'm guessing that these days one isn't allowed to simply plonk your backside down on the throne and take pictures.


Chris said...

Great photo. But Myself should known that it's Minos' throne.

Apuleius said...

I think Zeus would forgive the hubris of such a dashing Ganymede. I hope we'll see more of him!

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