Saturday, October 12, 2013

Vintage photo: Carpe Diem

I am having something of a Dead Poets Society moment with this team cricket photo from 1900 (lovers of the film will know exactly to which scene I am referring) as I love scanning the faces of those long dead in photos like this. You can't help but wonder about them as people, about their lives, about what they might have looked like in natural colour... And one of the beauties of the computer, of course, is the ability to scan, enlarge, crop and so on and it brings a whole new way of examining the sometimes anonymous faces of the past. Carpe Diem!


Chris said...

Are those pinholes in Seer's and Marshall's and Harvey's eyes? What did they do to deserve that?

Callum said...

Actually, no, not pin holes. The photo as seen here has been photoshopped some to enhance what is actually a very faded and sepia-toned image. It seems, though, that it may always have been fairly light on the contrast because the dots you see in their eyes are pen marks. It was common practice for photographers to enhance a photograph with pen and ink if necessary. Of course, as the rest of the photo fades, the pen marks don't (or not at the same rate) leaving some odd marks, as here.

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