Sunday, October 20, 2013

Postcards to the Curious: M R James Postcards

I'm a big fan of the M. R. James Podcast, 'A Podcast to the Curious'. A part of my exercise regime is a regular three mile walk along the long flat road that butts up against the beach at Southsea and there is just enough time to get through one of these podcasts on the walk. So, because I follow the lovely Mike and Will on Twitter I saw mention of these postcards and had to have them. Eight postcards, each with an illustration inspired by one of James's stories by Alistair Wood, printed beautifully on textured card, wrapped together with a slip of paper sealed with real sealing wax and presented in their own envelope. Of course I have to have them! Astonishingly good value for money too. Go and buy yours now...!


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