Thursday, October 24, 2013

Frederick Rolfe Centenary: Boo-Hooray in New York and Venice

The Boo-Hooray gallery in New York is staging two exhibitions to commemorate the Baron's death. First in Venice, Italy, at La Casa di Parfait d’Amour, an exhibition of Rolfe first editions and rarities will take place on October 25th, followed by a dinner at Osteria do Farai. The exhibition will run from 3 to 5 PM. Anyone who wishes to attend should meet at the top of the Rialto Bridge promptly at 2:45 PM where they’ll be escorted to the gallery and drinks will be served. The list for dinner is now closed but all are welcome at the exhibtion. Then, on the Catholic holiday of All Saint’s Day, November 1st, the very same exhibition will be on view at Boo-Hooray, New York, for one day only, 11 AM to 9 PM. The gallery asks that you RSVP for the New York exhibition and all the details are here:
Alpha and Omega.
Boo-Hooray is publishing Alpha & Omega, a reprinting of Corvo’s first and last published work: “Tarcissus, The Boy Martyr of Rome,” and “Venetian Courtesy.” Alpha & Omega is printed with letterpress boards in an edition of 100 copies and enclosed in a stamped envelope with two pamphlets: Johan Kugelberg’s 2003 essay on Rolfe, and Michael P. Daley’s “Reflections On The Venice Letters.” They are also reprinting the exhibit catalogue for the landmark 1960 exhibition at the Marylebone Library in London. This reprint is available gratis at both exhibition locations together with the 2013 exhibition inventory list or for those who pre-order Alpha & Omega. Pre-ordering information is here:


J said...
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J said...

I went to see the collection in New York. The gallery was empty when I got there, so it was like a private showing! Since I have both the reprinted Corvo works in Callum James editions, I decided not to spring for "Alpha and Omega," but enjoyed looking at all the other books, some of which I'd never seen...

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