Thursday, September 19, 2013

Raven by Robert Scoble

This is the beautifully produced Raven. The Turbulent World of Baron Corvo by Robert Scoble. My copy of which arrived a couple of days ago from Strange Attractor Press. At nearly 400 pages it represents the largest book to be published about Frederick Rolfe since the biographies by Donald Weeks and Miriam Benkovitz in the 1970s. Of course, in this centenary year, it's appropriate that a full scale book about Rolfe should be published and it is wonderful that, for once, it is a book that not only looks and feels great (Rolfe has been very good at inspiring high standards in book production) but has content to match. All of the Raven monographs first published by us here at Callum James Books are here reprinted, completely updated to reflect information that has come to light since their original publication.

The book is selling well, even before reviews appear, and can still be ordered from the Strange Attractor Press website. This is the kind of book that would make a perfect Christmas present for those in your family or circle who like the byways of literature.

...and any book that described me as one of "the world's foremost experts in the life and work of Frederick Rolfe" is bound to be high on my list!


J said...

The Book Depository says mine is on the way! I'm very happy to have many of the original pamphlets, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to get the whole series in a single hardcover book. It's great to see that the material has been brought up to the minute.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy with my copy too (bought through the publishers) although take the limited edition claim with a pinch of salt (amazon, bookdepository, ebay all have it). I bought the book to read though not as a collectors piece and it is fascinating. Just as an aside the book seems to be shown with two dustjackets on ebay: the one above and a light cream background version with a younger picture of Rolfe on the front: i don't know what to make of that.

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