Saturday, September 21, 2013

Callum James Books: The Art and Photography of Ian David Baker

We are delighted to announce a new catalogue published on our website. Ian David Baker is an artist whose current work is as an abstract painter. However, his career began back in the 1970s working as a designer on small, and not so small, magazines such as Follow-Up, Mister, and Playguy where he learnt the photographer's art both for editorial images and nude photoshoots. In 1992, his work was brought together in a classic photobook, Younger Days, that featured portrait, documentary and nude photography, largely taken during the 1980s and very redolent of that period. It's the way of these things that what goes around comes around and so it's great to know that the 1980s is now back as an inspiration for fashion, design, interiors and art and Ian's work documenting this period is finding a new relevance. 

This catalogue includes, not only a selection of artwork and photography, but also a fascinating and very candid article by Ian, reprinted from HIM magazine, in which he gave an insider's view of what it was like to be taking nude photos for a gay market at a time when cameras still had to be wound-on and the film developed in chemical tanks. There is also a short Q&A between Ian and I about his work and career.

The catalogue as a whole is not safe for work but can be found here:

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Absolutely terrific as usual Callum! Have always loved IDB's work. Thanks for another great catalogue.

- Alexei (

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