Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Albert Wainwright at the Hepworth

The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, Yorkshire, has a large collection of work by one of our favourite artists here at Front Free Endpaper: Albert Wainwright. The great news is that they are putting a selection of his works on display in their Yorkshire in Pictures gallery, beginning later this month and going forward to March 2014. If you can't get to Yorkshire, or if you have done so and are finding this post through the good offices of Google having just returned from an inspiring visit to the gallery, please consider buying a copy of our book Albert & Otto: Albert Wainwright's Visual Diary of Love in the 20s which is available either through Amazon or from your local independent bookseller (including Gay's The Word in London who have copies in stock)

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stefan said...

That illustration is stunning! I want to buy it now. Maybe I could skip school for a few days and go up to Nottingham? Regards Padraig

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