Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vintage Swimwear and a scrappy little photo

Another piece of vintage swimwear photography through the post today. All I can tell you about this very handsome guy is that he was standing in a stream in France in July 1948. And he's certainly worth enlarging! And then below him is a tiny little photo, a contact print from a 35mm negative. Presumably, given the wonky edges of this little scrap of photographic paper is was cut from a larger contact sheet with other image on it. As I've said before it's the damaged, wonky, decayed and ephemeral bits and pieces of vintage photography that really appeal to me and, if there was a word which described all those qualities (suggestions welcome!), this little image of a young guy walking through a door, would have it in spades.

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Alexis said...

Quite charming !... It is absolutely the "Mono No Aware", the feeling of things (?)...

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