Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Frederick Rolfe Centenary: Free Books

This year sees the centenary of the death of Frederick Rolfe Baron Corvo. To mark this, from now until the actual anniversary on the 25th October I shall be posting about the Baron and his life and work on a regular basis here on Front Free Endpaper.

We've done free books on Front Free Endpaper a few times before and probably will again but on this one occasion I'd like to do something slightly different. For the first unspecified number of people who get in touch via the email address at the side of the blog, I will have delivered to you a book by Frederick Rolfe and/or a copy of The Quest for Corvo. I can't promise they'll be great copies, maybe just an old pocket edition or a paperback, I can't take requests either for any particular title, but it will be delivered to your door free of charge wherever you are in the world. The photo with this post doesn't necessarily include books that will be sent but, who knows...

So what's the catch? Normally when I give away books I like to do it without any strings but on this occasion there is a small caveat. All I ask in return is that when you've read the book (or done your very very best to get through it), you write a little review to be posted here on Front Free Endpaper. It could be a couple of paragraphs or a longer piece, just some kind of response to what you've just written. It doesn't have to be an academic criticism, just a quick summary of the plot and how you felt about it would be just fine. 

So, drop me an email... include your postal address... mention any of Rolfe's books you may have already read... sit back and wait for a free book to arrive... read it... write me a little something... 

...couldn't be simpler!

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