Monday, August 12, 2013

Baron Corvo. A Centenary Catalogue

Long awaited in this centenary year is Timothy d'Arch Smith's catalogue Frederick William Rolfe Baron Corvo (1860-1993). His Family and his Circle, which has been dropping through letterboxes in the UK this morning. I was fortunate enough to be having coffee with Tim this morning, which is always a delight, and got mine hand-to-hand. What other writer could merit a section in a book catalogue, "His Friends, His Enemies and His Votaries"?

There are treasures great and small in this catalogue including a number of autograph letters and a copy of the first edition of Rolfe's Tarcissus. What makes this catalogue special, and a fascinating read at the same time is that Tim has cast the net very wide into the Corvine cultus: A. J. A. Symons, A. T. Bartholomew, Shane Leslie, Donald Weeks, Mr d'Arch Smith himself and others all make appearances here in letters, books, association copies and ephemera. The 'Family' in the title is no empty boast either as there are a number of items from the Rolfe Pianoforte business, including a Piano!, as well as items relating to Rolfe's brothers. It is an astonishing collection and I believe that copies are still available but I would hurry if you want one as this is sure to become a collector's item in its own right.

Copies can be had for £20 post paid from :

Timothy d'Arch Smith
PO Box No. 59367

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