Sunday, August 25, 2013

Around the World in 12 Menus with P&O

These menus are all illustrated by David Knight (1923-1982) who was a freelance illustrator of books, magazines and other commercial items working through the 1950s-70s. His book credits include Eleanor Farjeon's Mrs Malone (1950), Paul Gallico's The Small Miracle (1951) and John Pudney's The Smallest Room. He was particularly noted for his architectural illustration. I suspect that shipping line menus are one of those things which dealers like to imagine are highly collectible, whereas in fact, there are probably very few people genuinely interested in them for their shipping connections. However, I could see the virtue in collecting the 1960s/70s ones for their use of illustration. As I understand it, the coloured cards were printed up and taken on board en masse and an printing press on the ship was then used to add in the menus each day. This set, all of which feature the indigenous form of small boat from various places in the world, were from a cruise by S.S. Chusan in 1961

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Jason Mihalko said...

Wow! What a great find.

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