Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Selection of Ariel Poems from Faber & Faber

I have been delighting in these this evening. They are five titles from the second series of the Ariel Poems, published by Faber and Faber in 1954 after a first series on similar lines in the 1920s. Each envelope contains one poem, printed and sewn into coloured card covers with a full page colour illustration by a significant illustrator of the day facing the first page. Often there are b/w illustrations also. I can't decide if my favourite is the art my Michael Ayrton or by Robin Jacques.

Lynton Lamb illustrates Sirmione Peninsula by Stephen Spender

Robin Jaques illustrates The Winnowing Dream by Walter de la Mare

Edward Bawden illustrates Mountains by W. H. Auden

Michael Ayrton illustrates The Other Wing by Louis MacNeice

James Sellars illustrates Nativity by Roy Campbell


Nicolas McDowall said...

I became aware of this series quite deep into my illustrated book collecting career, having picked up copies of the original series here and there. I solemnly ordered the series from Fabers. I would have been quite happy to pay the full five bob but, as I was 'in the business' at the time I was gratified to be offered a publishers' discount of 25%. At 9d. each I should have bought the entire stock!

querik said...

Recently rediscovered yr blog.,discovering new artisys illusyrators every time.

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