Sunday, August 25, 2013

1939 Illustrated Telegram

Another piece of ephemera which has caught my eye this afternoon is this illustrated telegram from 1939, not only for the very fetching illustration by Alan Sovell but also for the message which reads best in full-on Aunty Beeb* English accent!

PS. Please see the comments for clarification and for an excellent bit of picture hunting, thanks to Self-Effacing Ghost.

*For our overseas readers: an affectionate nickname for the BBC


Self-effacing ghost said...

Rather nice, but I suspect the name should be Sorrell, not Sovell. The signature is similar, and these three Alan Sorrell pictures, though of course more elaborate, seem to me to have something of the same flavor:

Callum said...


I'm sure you're right and I will amend the original post to direct people here to the comments. I love all three images you have found but the top one in particular has real menace and depth...

Thank you,


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