Monday, July 15, 2013

Sheila Bishop illustrates Moon Magic

These are some of the illustrations from Moon Magic. A Tale of Adventure by Hampden Gordon (John Murray, London: 1949), a kind of sub-Narnian fantasy about travelling to the moon by magic and the adventures to be had there, which resemble rather closely adventures one might have in classical Greece or some other mythic period. I am always tentative about saying things like, 'I can find little about Sheila Bishop' because one of you good people usually shows me some vast hoard of information freely available online that I have missed. But, I can find little about the illustrator: she doesn't feature in any of my reference books and I can find only one mention of her illustrating another book in online databases. Having said that, the name sounds very familiar and I can't shake the feeling that I've come across her before. Anyway, it's a shame not to know more because here are some wonderfully stylish and attractive illustrations and it would be nice to see more of her work.

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David Pinto said...

Thankyou for these images. I wish I had something positive to add; but can only say that in a public library in North London in the 1950s they, and the story they told, did fix my attention. A salute to all people, on whatever scale from the heroic Philip Pullman down, show us universes as heroic as that we inhabit!

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