Monday, July 15, 2013

Callum James Books Paperbacks

Having just released our latest, Albert & Otto. Albert Wainwright's Visual Diary of Love in the 20s, which has been well received by you all: thank you, I thought it might be a moment to remind everyone of the other titles we have available in paperback format. The top two are both available from Amazon, or through your local independent bookseller from their wholesaler: just quote the ISBN number. The Vincent O'Sullivan hasn't yet been upgraded to an ISBN but it can be bought direct from Callum James Books, just drop us a line using the email link to the right.

A Carnal Medium. Fin-de-siecle essays on the photographic nude. 
by Joseph Gleeson White, Robert H Cust, and James Rooth. 
Edited and with an introduction by James Downs.
ISBN: 9780957450103

The Romance of a Choir Boy
by John Gambril Nicholson
ISBN: 9780957450110

Aspects of Wilde
by Vincent O'Sullivan

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