Saturday, July 06, 2013

Albert & Otto: Albert Wainwright's Diary of Love in the 20s

We have been championing the work of the artist Albert Wainwright here on Front Free Endpaper for a while now which is we are delighted to announce the arrival of Callum James Books latest publication:

Albert & Otto. Albert Wainwright's diary of love in the 20s
edited by Nick Elm and Callum James

Callum James Books, Portsmouth: 2013
ISBN: 9780957450127
84pp, 250mm x 201mm. Softcover.

"The artist, Albert Wainwright (1898-1943), left behind him a series of sketchbooks, diaries and manuscripts, that detailed the private and intimate side of his life all illustrated by hand. They included details of his homosexuality and his passion for young men and it is thought that much of this material was destroyed on Albert’s death by his family. However, one or two items escaped and in this book three of Albert’s sketchbooks have been reproduced. They are a remarkable survival: a visual documentary of Albert’s relationship with a young German called Otto during the 1920s. Two of the sketchbooks record summer trips to Germany hiking and sight-seeing with Otto and a third sketchbook presents a very personal insight into a return visit by Otto to Yorkshire. So very little personal material of this kind remains today that the sketchbooks constitute an important piece of gay history.

Wainwright was an artist whose talent was once compared favourably with that of his school friend Henry Moore, but whilst Moore went on from their shared Wakefield school days to international fame and reputation as a sculptor, Wainwright remains little known today. Wainwright poured his prodigious talent into teaching, book illustration, theatre costume and set design as well as portrait painting. In his lifetime he exhibited work several times but never quite fulfilled the potential of his talent, his work is only now  slowly garnering an appreciative audience and being noticed by galleries, collectors and auction houses."

You can buy this book is a number of different ways.
1. Copies are available from or on and those links will take you directly to the book's page.

2. From your local independent (preferably) or multiple (if you have to) bookshop, simply provide them with the ISBN number and they will be able to get it from their wholesaler.

3. Direct from the publisher (that's us!) at a special publisher's price of 21.00GBP plus shipping (UK: 3.00GBP; EU countries: 5.00GBP, The Rest of the World: 7.50GBP) Simply email us at and we will happily send a paypal invoice or provide details of cheque payments.

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