Monday, June 03, 2013

Woodcuts by Pam G. Rueter

I can't tell you anywhere near as much as I'd like about Pam G Rueter (1906-1998), the artist behind these enchanting woodcuts. There is a dutch Wiki page which Google will translate into English for you should you need it, that gives a basic outline of his life and career. I know him primarily as a prolific ex-libris artist but his work is certainly a lot wider than that. These images are all from a book in Dutch that I picked up recently and completely failed to understand except that these all come from a section in the book which appears to be representative of the work Rueter did to please himself. I love the macabre creatures and the dense black inkiness. 

Thank you to all those who have read, commented on or bought from the Strange and Supernatural Fiction Catalogue. Sales have been going really well but it's still worth having a flick through it if you are supernaturally inclined. The contents of my catalogues don't go on general sale on retail sites on the Internet until visitors here and those on my mailing list have had their chance to look through it all.

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acorn said...

What extraordinary and interesting work. Thanks for the intro to this artist. Is the 4th one Tony Blair doing his WMD speech??

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