Friday, June 21, 2013

Two More Author Photos... the men...

Back in May I posted a couple of photos I had bought of two very glamorous women novelists, both of whom had a connection to the kind of books that interest us here at Callum James Heights. At the same time, back in May I also bought these two photographs of male authors. Alistair Maclean I bought for no other reason than nostalgia: his books lined my dad's bookshelves throughout my childhood although I don't remember ever reading one. Anthony Powell I bought largely for the library in the background and the fabulous, master-criminal-esque cat on the lap pose. However, in Ian Young's bibliography of The Male Homosexual in Literature, Powell's books gets a number of mentions.

Both photos are stamped by the Eileen Clarke Agency and by the photographer, Clayton Evans on the verso.

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