Saturday, June 01, 2013

Strange and Supernatural from Callum James Books

For the last few months we've been working on another full-length catalogue, and some of the goodies it contains have been trailed here and on twitter so it will come as no surprise to know that we have just released our "Strange and Supernatural" catalogue. Over 220 titles with nearly 190 photographs, it's taken nearly three months to write and research and it's been a real joy to do. Of course, as a visitor to Front Free Endpaper, you get a look inside too:

Strange and Supernatural Catalogue in PDF format

The titles in this catalogue won't go on sale through Internet retail sites until those on my mailing list and those of you who've seen it here have had a chance to look it over.

You may also notice, if you go by the Callum James Books website that there's been a few changes. The website has been in dire need of updating for a long time and whilst we look into ways of rejuvenating it and making it cover the whole range of things that CJB does, for the time being, it has been pared down to show only our recent selling catalogues. If you are after one of our publications, please just drop us a line and we'll try and sort you out with one but for a little while at least they won't be appearing to buy directly from the website.

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