Monday, June 17, 2013


Back now from the metropolis and diving into my inbox with some verve. One of the joys of the big book fair is the sport of catalogue hunting and I have a good half-shelf worth of shiny, silky catalogues to read through at my leisure. So, not wanting you all to miss out on the wonders that are catalogue heaven here are three, not exactly new, catalogues you can view online that seem to cover many of our interests here. The top one is a catalogue of weird and generally supernatural fiction from Adrian Harrington. Then we have the latest short list from Elysium Press and a somewhat older but still current catalogue from the nice people at Arbery Books. Go on, knock yourselves out..!

I won't bore you with a full report on The Olympia Book Fair and I didn't manage, as I thought I might, to blog my way through it. However, I did keep up a reasonably regular series of Tweets so if you are on Twitter please do think about following me @callumjbooks. 

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