Saturday, June 08, 2013

1940s Portrait Photos

Seems as though vintage photographs are the flavour of the week here on FFEP. If you're waiting for more book-related goodies I'm sure there will be something for you coming up soon. In the meantime I'm sharing these lovely portrait photos. At a local auction this morning I bought the photographic remains of  what I'm sure must have been an amateur - but very good - photographer. Among the bag of his own prints from the 40s on bromide paper were these 10 x 8 photos that stood out. Of course, the little boy is perhaps the most compelling image but I thought all three of these had real character, insight and, for the most part, cut through at least the top layer of the sentimentality of era.

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Carol Dent said...

There is something very wistful and pleading about the little boy's eyes.

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