Friday, May 03, 2013

Things That Fall From Books #13: Erotic Quotes

Of all the things that have fallen from books and been featured on this blog I think this may be my favourite so far. From between the pages of Black Spring by Henry Miller in a rather scruffy paperback edition fell a single index card on which, in the same hand are written two quotes - I assume from the book although I haven't read it - which someone obviously felt strongly enough about that they wanted to record them, or perhaps learn them by heart.


Jane Housham said...

Fascinating. I think two different handwritings, though.

Paul Brownsey said...

Tes, that was my thought: two different handwritings.

Callum said...

Hi Paul and Jane,

Thanks for your comments: I'm not entirely convinced it's two different people and not the same person with different pen at a different time. But it doesn't worry my either way. Of course, if it were two different people it would make the imagined story of why it's there much more interesting! Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

Part of my job is analyzing hand writing to authenticate autographs and inscriptions for rare book dealers and auction houses. These quotes were written by the same hand. The quotation in black in was written on a solid, flat surface. The quotation in blue ink, on the other hand, was written on something less stable, probably the opened book itself.

At first glance, it is often easy to see someone's handwriting in different inks and written under different circumstances and attribute it to multiple people, but a bit of training, concentration, and knowing how to "read" samples reveals the truth.

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