Friday, May 10, 2013

Callum James Books - Cards

A bumper postbag today, including this new set of promotional material for Callum James Books. Two different business cards for different occasions and a two sided postcard with details of what I buy, to shower on the world at appropriate moments and in appropriate places. The card on the right is double sided with an image of lots of marbled paper and the CJ logo over the top: makes it look like I'm inviting someone to join a secret society... Maybe I am!

Postal frustration though, to miss a delivery from DHL yesterday from Australia of a very exciting consignment of books that cost more to send than the price of a return air fare. So I know they are waiting at a depot about ten miles from here but it is closed all weekend and I won't get them until Monday now!

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Paul Brownsey said...

You posed for the item in the centre?

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