Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two Callum James Books Publications available through Amazon

Delighted to be able to let you all know that the Callum James Books edition of John Gambril Nicholson's The Romance of a Choir Boy is now available through Amazon.

If you are buying from then you should CLICK HERE.

From the link is HERE.

If you are using other regional Amazon sites then you can find the book very easily through a search of the title or by using the ISBN number: 978-0957450110

And whilst we're talking about our books available through Amazon please do consider buying a copy of A Carnal Medium: Fin-de-siecle Essays on the Photographic Nude edited by James Downs. Information on the book is available here. And the page is here. Or find it on your regional site through the ISBN number 978-0957450103.
ALTERNATIVELY, support your local independent bookstore and order it through them and, incidentally, put a little more money in the pocket of the publisher by ordering that way!

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