Friday, April 12, 2013

The New York Antiquarian Book Fair

Billed as "The Best Book Fair in the World" the New York Antiquarian Book Fair is this weekend - on now. All week my Twitter feed has been full of booksellers tweeting links to the booklists/catalogues of material they are taking to the fair. I'm not going to be there, but watching the tweets scroll past me I've been feeling a kind of once-removed excitement about the event. So, if you are going and want a quick preview, if you are not going and want to join in the excitement or if you simply like book lists, here are just some of the links that have been on my screen this week.

Natalie Galustian of London's Cecil Court has a list full of poker and smoking and cocktails and said she stepped back from her stand and realised she appeared to be a book dealer specialising in vice.

Simon Beattie of New York has books on Americana, German Romanticism, Russia, American women writers, illustrated books and a whole host of other stuff.

Blackwell's Rare Books of Oxford has literature including a first edition Through the Looking Glass, a couple of signed Winston Churchill titles, and Conan Doyle on Spirit Photography.

Lucius Books has one of the highlights of the show in a collection of archive material by and about the Doors front man Jim Morrison. Artfix has the details and other highlights.

Peter Harrington's of London, as ever, have some extraordinary stock including a preparatory pencil sketch by E. H. Sheppard of his map of the Hundred Acre Wood which was used at the endpapers for Winnie the Pooh. Also on the Harrington stand you will find one of the just fifteen copies of The Suppressed Portion of De Profundis by Oscar Wilde, published in such a limited version by Robert Ross to secure the American copyright.

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