Monday, April 29, 2013

Gay City Anthology Kickstarter Project

I've just been tempted to offer actual real money to my first Kickstarter project. For those of you who haven't come across Kickstarter before, it's a community based platform for raising funds for your charity, your small business idea, your publication, your short film or dance performance piece: or anything really. Each project is clearly described and there is an option to offer a pledge of cash to support the project at a number of different levels. Usually, and certainly in this case, each level of support pledged comes with a series of more and more enticing perks. If the pitched-for total is raised by the finish date then the project is funded and can go ahead and only then does the money you've pledged get taken from you. 

The video above tells you much more clearly than I ever could what the project is about but there are queers, monsters, mentions of Steampunk and a John Coulthart cover - what's not to like?

This blog gets between three and four hundred visitors a day, if just one or two of you over the next few days could be tempted to add a little to the pledged amounts it would help enormously.

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John C said...

Many thanks. :)

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