Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Frank Prewett, Poet, by Dorothy Brett

If you're a regular reader of this blog you may thank that this sultry looking young man looks familiar. He has, in fact, featured before in portrait form, back in September last year. He is Frank Prewett, a Canadian war poet, nicked-named Toronto by Siegfried Sassoon who had something of a crush on him (and I'm with Siegfried on this one). This is a previously unknown portrait of him by Dorothy Brett, daughter of Lord Esher, and a figure on the periphery of the Bloomsbury Group. I think it's a nice touch that there is an attribution written on the back identifying both sitter and painter in Sassoon's hand. Everything I know about him is in the previous post but this portrait is being offered for sale in Part III of the Roy Davids sale by Bonham's in May. As with the other parts of the collection this is a quite astonishing sale full of manuscript and portrait material relating to poets of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This part of the sale includes the Ws so there's some Wilde and some Whitman as well to get you truly foaming at the mouth.

UPADTE: I'm indebted to Brian Busby for providing this link http://www.idbury.com/prewitt.shtml to more information about Prewett in the comments below, and since I realise that not everyone bothers to click on the comments on a post I am elevating it, with my thanks, to the post itself.


Brian Busby said...

Prewett was indeed a good looking man. I'll add that he was the very best of Canada's war poets. This January past, his work entered the public domain (in his home and native land, at least). Here's hoping that this will encourage new editions of his work.

Those unfamiliar with this unjustly neglected poet can find more here. I dare say, you won't be disappointed... or unmoved.

Brian Busby said...

I'm pleased to report that both Prewett items - portrait and poem - were purchased by the Canadian War Museum.

I'll be visiting this summer.

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