Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fancy Footwork

It's a delight and a wonder every now and again when a reader of this blog decides to share something of their own and that's what's happened here. This delightful photograph was found at a flea market in Massachusetts and sent to me. Many thanks to the donor and anyone else out there who'd like to share: please don't be shy.


Anonymous said...

It is a delight and a wonder that you provide this blog. As a young gay man, I think it fills a void and is always something I look forward to reading. You have opened up an entire new world of books I never heard of, but now when I read them, I feel less alone.
Thank you.

Callum said...


Gosh, I think this must be the most touching comment ever left on the blog. Obviously I'm thrilled that you find so much here to interest you and if you want to feel less alone in the world, stick with us...

Drop me an email if you like...

thanks again,


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