Friday, April 26, 2013

Architect Draws Plans of Pyramids, Tombs and Stonehenge

I don't often directly link to the items I'm selling on Ebay from this blog but this is such a peculiar and unusual lot of 'stuff' I thought I would share. Picked up from a local auction with a pile of more conventional architect's drawings and plans, this is how I have described this lot on Ebay:

"This is a peculiar and intriguing lot. A collection of drawings on architect's semi-transparent parchment of plans of Egyptian pyramids and tombs. These appear to be the original drawings in fine pen which are then printed onto paper and so we see them duplicated in the paper section of this lot. As well as plans of pyramids and tombs there is also a well executed time-line diagram that attempts to tie together the history of Genesis and Egypt beginning with Adam at 4000BC. Other diagrams link the geometry of the Great Pyramid to that of Stonehenge. There is also a pencil sketch of a pyramid under construction that is something of a piece of art in its own right. It's a fascinating lot and it was difficult to photograph (see below) to make it look as good as it actually is when you are flicking through it.

These diagrams would make great decorative pieces when framed up. Or, you may subscribe to these kinds of theories and be able to work out a lot more than I can about the intention of the original draw-er of these.
There are 57 sheets. The largest measure aprox. 70cm x 50cm but most are more in the region of 45-50cm square-ish. the condition is variable, some of the larger parchment pieces in particular have lots of crinkling, creasing and short tears to the edges and some of the smaller parchment pieces have occasional marks too. They need a little tidying up and some work on presentation. From the context in which these came to me I would suggest that they were indeed drawn by an architect, or at least an architecture student and probably in the 1960s"

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