Saturday, March 02, 2013

Unidentified Church

I have spent most of this evening at what felt like an interminable auction. I was really only there to see some lots of my own sell but, as always, despite the resolution to make some space here at Callum James Heights, there's always that moment when your arm twitches and you feel the breeze from the bidding card fanning your face as it lifts into the air and you're bidding on something. In this case though I am very pleased with the impulse. A large lot of architects' drawings, mainly of the screen printed on large sheets of paper type: houses mainly, extensions and so on. But in amongst that there is some more interesting stuff. These sketches of a church for instance. Unlike everything else in the lot, there's nothing to tell you who drew them, where it is, or what the status of the drawings might be. I am not clear whether this is an architect's sketch of an existing church, or a few sketches towards a church that was never built, or a complete fantasy, or a set of sketches later developed into a viable project and a built church. If it is a real place then it would certainly be striking and memorable. Does anyone recognise it?

You may have noticed that there have been several references to clearing space recently, this is not idle chatter. Fans of supernatural fiction and weird tales should keep their eye on Callum James Books in the next couple of months.

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