Monday, March 04, 2013

Sunshine and Vintage Swimwear

Ah, a little bit of warmth and sunshine here on the south coast for the first time in a month: amazing what it can do to your mood. So I'm sitting here at the desk, sun streaming through the window, last year's feel good hit, "Let the Sun Shine" by Labrinth blaring from the computer and thought I'd find something appropriate from the collection to share. So here's a group of happy campers. This is, in fact, a press photo, and the blurb on the back tells me this is a holiday group at Symonds Yat in Monmouthshire, still a thriving holiday park if their website is to be believed. The most remarkable thing about this happy bunch of young people looking at them from a distance of time is that there is barely a one who could be described as a little overweight... imagine the scene today...!

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