Sunday, March 24, 2013

Photos of Beardsley, Beerbohm and Brooke

On the 10th April, Bonhams in London will be auctioning the first half of the Roy Davids collection of poetic manuscripts and portraits. It's an astonishing collection by any standards and the currently available catalogue is for the A-K part of the collection only being sold on the 10th. It's almost impossible to play favourites but above is a signed portrait of Beardsley by Frederick Hollyer. A scarce thing and, respectfully, the estimate seems to me something of a 'come and buy me' and I wouldn't be surprised to see it double the suggested 2,500-3,000 GBP. Below is Max Beerbohm by an unknown photographer and then a stunning photo of Rupert Brooke at 19 as the Herald in a Cambridge production of Eumenides. I can completely recommend a thorough browse through the catalogue and I am looking forward to part II already.

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