Friday, February 01, 2013

Puffin, Prieto and other updates...

A feel a little as though I have been neglecting the friends of Front Free Endpaper of late and so, in the next few days, you can expect a slew of posts full of juicy artwork, book covers, male nudes, art, illustration and all manner of goodies. But for now I'd just like to offer a few updates.

Puffin Book Covers. The collection of Puffin Books I acquired recently continues to be scanned and added to my flickr set, with more uploaded tonight. For those who have emailed or commented to say just how much they would like to own them - you can: they will be slowly offered for sale on Ebay over the next few weeks. Although I don't use this blog for direct selling, you can always use the link in the right-hand column to find what I may have for sale on Ebay at any given time.

Gregorio Prieto. I was really very grateful to those who have taken the time and trouble to comment on the original post about this little known artist, or to email me directly. I shall try to answer all the emails and I would recommend anyone who was interested in this artist to have a look at the hard work tracking down snippets of information about him that Shade has put in and written up in the comments section of the original post. And for those with enough Spanish to benefit, Javier was kind enough to give links to two posts he has written on the artist on his own blog, Bajo el Signo de Libra. I'm so grateful for those who have taken the time to get involved with the quest for Prieto.

Don Tarquinio. The copy of this novel that was anonymously sent to me has now been claimed. Sorry to those who missed out this time but there will be another free book post in the very near future.

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