Monday, February 04, 2013

Prometheus and Others by Keith Vaughan

Prometheus. Pen, ink and Gouache

Every once in a while on Front Free Endpaper we like to bring you a few new images by Keith Vaughan. Clearly these come from auction and gallery catalogues and often, they haven't been seen on the Internet before, or only at very limited size. From this selection my definite favourites are the Prometheus above and the ink wash sketch just below of the large head. Vaughan is often thought of as an artist who is all about "The Figure in the Landscape" but he struggled to relate myth and some kind of religious sentiment to the figure and the landscape and, for me, he is at his best in the depths of that struggle.

Monumental Head with Figures. Pen, wash, pen and ink on card.

Yellow Figure. Gouache, 1950.

Two Figures By A Boat - The Wanderings of Odysseus. Oil on board, 1937

Two Figures. Pencil.

Nude with Hand on Hip. Pencil.

Revellers, Trafalgar Square, New Year's Eve, 1964. Pencil.

Lay your Sleeping Head. Pen, coloured inks and gouache.

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Pierre said...

The “2 Figures” (pencil) is by far my favourite. In art, very frequently, the less is the best! A minimum of expression for a maximum of expressiveness… Strong emotion.

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