Saturday, February 02, 2013

Owe Zerge Sketchbook

A regular reader of Front Free Endpaper has been very kind to share their small collection of works by Swedish painter Owe Zerge (1894-1983). Zerge left behind a large body of work which had a number of different focuses including vivid flower paintings, bright and clean portrait work, and plenty of studies of the male nude. He has come to the notice of an audience outside Scandinavia only slowly and about a year ago, a half real-world, half online auction house offered a significant collection of his works for sale and saw them reaching very respectable prices. The picture above was sold at that sale and is now owned by our happy reader who has also recently acquired a sketchbook of Zerge's works that he has very thoughtfully shared with the world in the form of a Flickr set. The pictures below are from that sketchbook. The sketchbook is dated 1920 when Zerge was still a young man himself in Paris: as the collector notes, putting some context on these sketches, this was "two years before Ulysses, two years after the Great War"

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