Sunday, February 03, 2013

Making Lampshades

We do love a bit of "Mid Century Modern" on Front Free Endpaper. This booklet is published by Dryad Press in Leicester who specialised in short books and pamphlets about various crafts, quite advanced in some cases. This one was published in 1958 and, although I've only chosen to show the photographic illustrations, it's full of diagrams as well showing you how to construct your lampshade in the very latest style.


Lianne Arnsworth said...

Wow! Those are lovely! Thanks for sharing this.

Michelle said...

wow, I want to start making lampshades but can't find any books on it , can you still get hold of this book or do you recommend any? thanks Michelle x

Theresa said...

Where could I find this lampshade booklet?? Please and Thank You!

Callum said...


This link will probably degrade over time but at the time of posting there were a number of these for sale on Abebooks here:

Hope this helps


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