Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Wolfgang Suschitzky: Charing Cross Road in the Thirties

Wolf Suschitzky, a cinematographer and photographer born in Vienna in 1912 and still alive today, celebrating his 100th birthday in August last year. A slim volume of his photographs from "The Photo Library" series called, Charing Cross Road in the Thirties (ISBN: 9781853781094) landed on my desk a while ago and I've been finding it hard to keep my eyes off the astonishing photos in it ever since. His Wikipedia page describes him somewhere as having the "documentarist's ability to extract atmosphere from naturalistic settings" and certainly you can see a hint in these photos above of that but throughout the collection in this book you feel as though you have stepped into a noir film as London peers out at you through the fog or two brilliantly nonchalant and dapper young men take tea with their cigarettes at the Lyon's Tea House... Obviously, Charing Cross Road is/was known as London's secondhand book road: a title it is going to have problems hanging onto in the current climate, but these photographs evoke a different era entirely. Having said that, the shop window display captured in the last photo below contains a book which is on a shelf not four feet from where I type this today in 2013. For more: enquire of Google.

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