Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Puffin Story Books

Today I acquired this collection of nearly 150 early Puffin Story Books from the 40s and 50s. Puffin was the childrens' version of Penguin books and for years and years they published some amazing books for the discerning young reader. There was no patronising: the books were illustrated but only with the occasional black and white line drawings in the text and they had covers designed with the same attention to quality and visual interest as their grown up Penguin counterparts. I have begun a new Flickr set and intend eventually to archive all of the covers there as a reference as well as a visual treat. 


Paul Brownsey said...

Ah, what memories. The covers even of ones I didn't buy are familiar because I spent so long in the bookshop looking through them, trying to decide what to buy.

I remember (but not its title) a particularly sharp and sophisticated children's novel by Roy Fuller.

Jane Housham said...

What I wouldn't give to own all those! I adore them. Of your Flickr set, I loved the Cynthia Harnetts and E Nesbits in particular, oh and Worzel Gummidge. Please do add more.

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