Thursday, January 31, 2013

Free Book Delight

Book people have sometimes had a reputation for being, shall we say, a little pedantic, perhaps a little insular and maybe, dare I say, cranky? On the other hand, sometimes, book people do lovely things. This evening when I got in from a long day, there was a package on the mat and inside a book: this book above. A very bright, clean copy of Don Tarquinio by Frederick Rolfe in the Phoenix Library pocket-sized edition published by Methuen. Inside as well just an anonymous slip of paper from someone who had found this blog, seen the love here given to Rolfe and thought I might be able to find it a good home. "No reply wanted" was all the signature. How lovely is that?

Don Tarquinio is one of my favourite of Rolfe's books: funny, rumbustious, a tour de force of Rolfe's highest flights of Renaissance fancy. If you haven't read it and would like to then I'm offering (in the spirit it came to me), this copy free to the first email in my inbox requesting it. If you are in the UK I will pay the postage, if you are outside the UK I would just ask you to cover the postage cost.

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J said...

What a nice idea!

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