Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beautiful Marble (and other) Bodies

Images of statuary are perhaps some of the least rated by collectors of postcards. Obviously there will be exceptions to prove the rule but on the whole, at a postcard fair, you will usually find this kind of thing in the bargain boxes at the end of a dealer's table. Given a predilection for both beautiful marble bodies and vintage photography it might seem strange that I have never taken advantage of the low prices and formed a collection of my own. I am strong... well, I was until today when I came across a small group of real photo (on the whole) postcards of some very beautiful marble bodies for pennies in a local bookshop. From top to bottom they are:

1. Ganymede by Cellini from the Museo Nazionale in Florence
2. Ercole Fights the Centaur in the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence
3. Neptune and Glaucus by Bernini from the collection of the Early of Yarborough
4. The Bronze Age by Rodin in the Carlsberg Glyptotek
5. Adoratio by Stephan Sinding in the Carlsberg Glyptotek
6. The Swimmer by John B√∂rjeson in the Carlsberg Glyptotek (this chap has appeared before on Front Free Endpaper)
7. Statue of the Emporer Augustus at the Musee Lapidaire
8. Triton by Rutelli in the Piazza del Duomo, Monreale, Sicily
9. Aiace at the Loggia dei Lanzi

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MichaelH said...

A great selection. Bernini's 'Neptune and Glaucus'. formerly in the collection of the late Early of Yarborough, has been in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London since 1950 – it is a highlight of the sculpture gallery there.

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